Sliding Glass Door Repair Specialist in Orlando, FL

Lifetime Warranty on All HD Track Repairs

Do you struggle with your Sliding Glass Doors?

A & R Patio Door Repair specializes only in the repair of interior pocket & sliding glass patio doors. Damaged tracks, worn or damaged rollers, worn or damaged locks are my specialty.

By specializing only in interior pocket & sliding patio doors, we are able to carry all the necessary parts needed to do the job then and there.
We offer a 100% Guarantee, “If we can’t fix it, there is no charge.” This means if we cannot repair it, there is absolutely no trip charge, no hourly charge, no cost to you whatsoever!

Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

A & R Patio Door Repair delivers prompt, efficient service to repair and/or even replace ineffective, builder-stock rollers. We turn easily damaged aluminum tracks into walk-ways that will work for years to come.

Nothing can ruin the moment of stepping outside to enjoy your view or for a breath of fresh air more than having to use your full strength to simply get your sliding glass door opened. So, If You Are Struggling to Get Your Door Opened, A & R Patio Door Repair will keep you from experiencing that frustration … and even be a dangerous situation.

For our experienced expert repair specialist, the solution to your sliding glass door problem can be extremely simple … and much more affordable than replacing your sliding glass door.

Now Repairing Interior Pocket Doors!

interior pocket door

Let me help you easily glide your sliding glass door open so you can relax and take in the outdoors!


Will Immediately replace:

Damaged Tracks

We will repair & realign doors, cap old tracks with stainless steel C-Cap or clean your tracks


We will replace ineffective, outdated, cheap rollers with high-quality steel or nylon precision rollers

Locks & Handles

Choose from an extensive selection of metal & wood handles. Integrated lock styles are available

• Broken Rollers • Bent Tracks • Track Resurfacing • Loose or Broken Handles • Lock repair and replacement

By making Customer Service our #1 goal, we are able to pass the savings off to you. We believe in Word of Mouth advertising. This means our customer base is built on referrals. Good customer service equals low advertising costs. By keeping the advertising costs down, we are able to pass the savings off to you.

Serving Orlando and Brevard County

Fred, the owner of the company, was so helpful. He replaced all of the wheels with a great product, changed out my handles since mine were old and dated, replaced the weather stripping. In addition, he was neat and tidy, courteous, professional and fair. And most importantly, my doors seem brand new and roll like a dream. I highly recommend this company.

Linda C.

Fred did a fantastic job replacing rollers and restoring the door to its original state thoroughly cleaning, filing, and upgrading the 2 glass panels. He also added a custom measured security bar on 2 sets of sliding doors and cleaned the locks. I would definitely hire him again.

Bob N.

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