Our Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

A & R carries only high quality steel and nylon rollers, including precision steel ball bearing tandem rollers, Heavy Duty and Light Duty stainless steel tracks, handles, and locks. All the necessary parts that are needed to do the job right the first time.

We inspect your sliding door tracks to see if they are misaligned, bent or worn. GOOD NEWS! Damaged tracks can be repaired! There are 3 types of track repairs that can be done, all of which depend on the track that you currently have on your sliding glass door.

1. The first is a flat track. These usually have a door with nylon rollers and 50% of the time do not have damage to them. This track repair requires a C-Cap. It is made of stailess steel and comes in various lengths of 8′, 10′, and 12′. The C-Cap track repairs are primarily used on Killian or Alcan doors.

2. The second is a standard raised track. This track is the most common and requires more than just “capping” a damaged track. Once the old damaged runner is removed, a Heavy Duty Stainless Steel track is placed over the previous exsisting track and rivoted or screwed into place. This repair carries a “Lifetime Warranty” on the track repair.

3. The third is a tall raised track. This track is not common but does still exsist. The old damaged runner is removed and a “V” shaped stainless steel track is placed over the previous existing track. This track is then caulked and screwed into place.

Some companies will try and sell you the wrong track for the repair, and still charge you high prices. Remember, there is the right part for the right job. A C-Cap is only a temporary fix to the real problem. Call us for the best advice and the best price when repairing your Patio Sliding Glass Door Track.

Rollers will always need to be replaced with every track repair. Damaged tracks are the result of damaged and worn rollers. Don’t let other companies tell you your rollers are OK, but your track needs to be repaired. The two go hand in hand. We replace rollers with high quality high precision steel and nylon rollers. Most doors will have the option to use tandem rollers (4 wheels instead of 2). This is always an option for the customer. Tandem rollers will last longer and support your door better than the standard. A & R Patio Door Repair carries a variety of tandem rollers. Be sure to ask if they are available for your door.

A & R offers a variety of locks to assure you get the right part for the right door. Occasionally, your lock may just be out of adjustment. We pride ourselves with being honest and up front with all our customers. That means, if I can fix it without replacing it, I will. My goal is to save you money. Don’t forget to ask about any additional security locks that may be available.

Sliding glass doors that aren’t easily accessible are not only a nuisance, they can be a fire hazard. You should’nt have to struggle with one of the most used doors in the home. Our sliding glass door repair services are designed to help you open and close your sliding patio door with ease and save you money in the process.

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Our services include:

  • Roller replacement
  • Track repair
  • Lock repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Handle repair
  • Handle replacement
  • Security lock installation
  • Track cleaning
  • Interior Pocket Door Repair


Roller Replacement / Track Repair

The first step to repairing the door is to take it down and we can then examine your sliding door to determine the problem and will let you know if a simple repair is in order or if multiple parts need to be replaced to ensure an easy to open and close the sliding door.

When your sliding door is in disrepair gaining access to the outdoors or other areas of the house can be quite difficult. There are many components that make up the sliding door system and we can repair or replace them when necessary. Sliding doors and in particular sliding glass doors can be quite heavy and require a certain amount of skill and experience in their repair and component replacement.

• Sliding Door Rollers • Tracks • Balance Springs Repair

Fred, the owner of the company, was so helpful. He replaced all of the wheels with a great product, changed out my handles since mine were old and dated, replaced the weather stripping. In addition, he was neat and tidy, courteous, professional and fair. And most importantly, my doors seem brand new and roll like a dream. I highly recommend this company.

Linda C.

Fred did a fantastic job replacing rollers and restoring the door to its original state thoroughly cleaning, filing, and upgrading the 2 glass panels. He also added a custom measured security bar on 2 sets of sliding doors and cleaned the locks. I would definitely hire him again.

Bob N.

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